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Why Do You Need New Content On Your Facebook

Over the past few years, Facebook has conquered online marketing. It has emerged as one of the most useful and viable digital tools when it comes to marketing products and services. The platform continues to improve its services to encourage more people to run ads or use Facebook for marketing purposes.

Why Do You Need to Add New Content to Your Facebook Business Page?

Over the past few years, Facebook has conquered online marketing.  It has emerged as one of the most useful and viable digital tools when it comes to marketing products and services.  The platform continues to improve its services to encourage more people to run ads or use Facebook for marketing purposes.

If you have your own Facebook business page, then you’re on the right track.  You are already a step ahead of your competitions that have yet to realize what Facebook can do for their business.  However, having a Facebook page isn’t enough.  You need to post regularly.  You need to post at least three times a week.

Why Add New Content?

The changes in technology have changed how people do marketing.  They have also changed consumers’ expectations.  Nowadays, people want more than reasonable prices.  They want an engaging experience with companies.  This is what Facebook has to offer.  It’s meant to engage people.  So, it is important to use its full potential.  Not doing so would be a huge mistake.

Through frequent Facebook posts, you can engage with your audience and potential customers through various posts to give you a chance to create and strengthen brand recognition.  It will help you understand your target audience as well, particularly their wants and needs.

People who follow your Facebook page are essentially interested in your business.  They have friends and family members that they could influence to like your page as well.  All they need to do is to share your Facebook Page post or tag any of their friends in one of your posts, and you’re suddenly reaching out to more people.  It’s a free advertisement, and it works as long as you keep posting new content.

You can use your post to drive traffic to your website or product pages.  Make sure to use keywords in your posts so that search engines will pick them up.  It will help boost your site’s relevance and rankings.

With the availability of online marketing to all businesses, the landscape has changed.  It has become even more competitive.  You have to add new content to your to page to draw people in.  You cannot compete if you don’t have anything new to offer.  Engagement is the key to online marketing.  It is also the key to gaining an edge over other similar businesses.

Content is king.  That is the rule.  However, you need to keep your content fresh.  It should be engaging, and it should be able to help you achieve your goals.  Fresh content will also help with your ROI.

What Can You Post?

How much time are you devoting to Facebook?  If you have a Facebook page, but you don’t post regularly, you are missing out on a valuable way to market your business and get more clients.  Whether you want to boost sales, reach existing customers, engage with potential new clients, or strengthen brand awareness, you need a Facebook strategy to use the platform to its full potential.  So, what kind of content gets users hooked and coming back for more?

1.  Offer value to customers

Your Facebook page is an excellent platform for business updates, but don’t get carried away.  People don’t need an in-depth, lengthy post on your latest company pic.  What they would want are Facebook posts that are of value to them.  Mix content about your business (tips, events, photos) with other content such as links to news, blogs, and forums.  Posts like this create credibility as a useful resource of value.

Try to include a regular feature, such as a discount or special offer, on a monthly or weekly basis.  Make sure to let your fans know this is an ongoing feature so that they can check back regularly.

2.  Use photos strategically

Avoid posting stand-alone photos of your products or services.  They’re best shown being used by satisfied and happy customers.  Make it easy for fans and followers to tag your page on photos of their own when they use your products or avail of your service.

3.  Avoid long posts

As much as you would like to create a long rambling post about your business or an aspect of it, your post won’t likely garner shares, likes, and comments.  If you want people to read your posts, make sure to keep it short, between 100-250 characters.  Even shorter posts around 60-80 characters are likely to be more read, shared, and absorbed by Facebook users with short attention spans.

4.  Engage, engage, engage!

How can you encourage your followers to engage with your business?  Try asking people questions and offering polls that would encourage people to respond.  At the end of your post, remember to invite your followers to leave comments, like the post, or share it.  When people respond, make sure to keep the conversation going by replying to comments.

5.  Connect on a personal level

Facebook attracts billions of users because of the personal experience it offers.  People use it to engage and communicate.  You cannot use it as a promotional outlet.  It will get you nowhere.  Posting news and updates in an informal, fun, and simple way will drive more likes, comments, and shares, which then translates to free marketing — no need for hypes or hard sell.

Use Facebook milestones for a little self-promotion.  It won’t hurt you.  When you get to 1000 fans or 500 likes for your posts, you can share the news.  This will get people to think that they are part of a growing community.

6.  Link back to your website and other social media accounts.

Linking your posts to your website or web pages will boost your search engine ranking and visibility with potential customers.

7.  Scramble content.

Set up varied posts to keep things interesting and fresh.  Post content, links, videos, photos, polls, etc.  If you run into a dry spell, check out your archives for previous posts that you can share or comments that you can repurpose to give it a new spin.  Posts that relate your business to trends or events are a hit to Facebook users.

8.  Focus on the key Facebook marketing principle:  conversations and relationships

Make sure to focus on this.  Facebook is less about marketing and sales and more about interacting, engaging, and connecting.  You will come up with plenty of ideas if you focus on this principle.  You will be able to build a growing group of loyal followers and customers.

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