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Instagram Marketing Tricks for 2019

Instagram Marketing Strategies for 2019

Instagram is one of the most useful marketing platforms these days.  If used effectively, it can drive traffic to your website especially since it continues to expand and improve its platform.  It’s a huge source of ad revenue and is expected to generate about $11 billion this year.  With huge figures like that, it’s no wonder that many marketing experts see Instagram as a new engine for marketing.

Here are useful Instagram marketing strategies for increasing engagement on posts for 2019:

1.    Know how often you need to post

You have to be active in order to sustain engagement, reach your followers, and attract new ones.  Posting 1-2 spots a day will hit the sweet spot.  However, when is the best time for posting?  Determining when to post is part of learning how to do digital marketing.  It is critical to your success on Instagram.

The time varies depending on which expert you listen to.  While some advocates are posting between 8 to 9 AM or 2 to 5 PM for the first post and 2 AM for your second post, these conflicting opinions can confuse brands.  The best way to determine the best time to post is to check your Analytics Tool, which would show you the time and days when your followers are most responsive and active.

Uncover your followers’ habits by using the Insights of your Instagram account.  This helps you identify the times where your posts would reach more people.

2.    Tell a story

Instagram is awash with different kinds of messages, most of which are mediocre.  It is a visual inspiration platform where you can captivate audiences through images and videos you share on the platform.  However, for this to work, you need to tell a story and not just preach marketing messages.

You need to become a storyteller.  Every Instagram post should tell a story via the images, stories, captions, videos, and profile.  You can even share user-generated content that fits your brand.  Check out the accounts of Red Bull, Lego, Airbnb, and Nike for inspiration.  You can see how they tell stories through images.

3.    Branding matters.

Your Instagram posts need to be clear, creative, and consistent in order to build brand awareness.  Effective marketing techniques do not include a haphazard, erratic approach to Instagram marketing.  Focus on core areas like your profile.  Create style patterns to keep your images looking fresh.  Master the use of hashtags, and regularly interact with your followers to build up engagement.

4.    Use the right hashtags.

Select the right hashtags for your post.  This can mean the difference between appearing as top post or sinking into Instagram oblivion.  Avoid too generic hashtags like #holidays, #christmas, #fashion.  You will have millions of competition with these hashtags.  Instead, make sure to use a mix of trending hashtags related to your business.

The number of hashtags you use is also important.  Instagram allows for up to 30 hashtags; however, a mass of hashtags can have you looking unprofessional.  That’s why 90% of top brands only use seven or fewer hashtags.

5.    Drive Instagram traffic to your website

Instagram traffic can help boost your site visits.  Although the platform allows for a single clickable link in your bio, you can encourage followers to click through special offers and promotions.  This way, you will be able to maximise the potential of this link.

If you have partnered with an influencer, you need to work with them in order to promote your website in their content as well.  You should also check your analytics to see which content drove traffic to your website, so you will know what kind of content to focus on.

6.    Use Instagram filters

Instagram offers a wide range of filters, but there are apps that you can download that can help you optimise your posts even further.  Instagram is visually driven.  It helps to use the filters that could give your images and videos a distinct look.  One of its most popular filters is Mayfair with its warm pink tone and black borders.  It brightens up the centre of the images.  Ideally, you should use the same filter for all your posts to encourage uniformity.

Apart from Instagram’s built-in filters, you can also use other photo editing apps like Pic Stitch to create engaging captions for your posts.

7.    Partner with an Influencer

Instagram influencers have become increasingly significant.  Not surprisingly, marketers aim to work with these key thought leaders in order to push their messages out to a bigger audience.  These influencers are seen as independent, so when you align your brand with their voice, you give authenticity to your message.

It is important to select the right influencer for your brand.  Do not fall for the glamor that celebrities offer.  Instead, focus on influencers that can actually bring the right people to the table.

It is important to understand what an influencer is, so you would be able to plan a strategy that would feature a short campaign to see how the influencer’s network would respond to your brand.  You need to provide the influencer with the right tools and resources to carry out their roles effectively.

8.    Host Instagram Contests and Promos

As many marketers have discovered, contests are quite effective in drawing people in and creating a powerful engagement tool.  It can generate 3.5 times more likes and encourage up to 64 times more comments than usual.

Most brands overlook this opportunity, with only 2% of the total Instagram brands holding contests.  There’s a huge untapped marketing resource that you could utilise.  Running a contest, however, takes serious planning.  You might want to partner with another brand in order to increase your reach.  Try to learn how to do market research and the value of social media before you hold contests. Try to employ marketing tips and tricks to grab the attention of your target market.

If you do not know how to do online marketing or the various types of marketing strategies, you might want to hire a marketing agency that can do Instagram marketing for you.

July 12, 2019

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