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Understanding Your Consumer Mindset

How to take advantage of understanding your audience.

Understanding your consumer mindset can be the difference between running a campaign that gets customers in the door and running a campaign where you might as well be burning money. ⠀

How often do business owners and marketing managers run campaigns 'just for the sake of it'? 'Oh, this place down the road are doing something, so we should do something too'. 'Just throw up an ad there'. ⠀

It happens too often, and if you want to make the most of your money, you have to stop and think about why your consumers 1. Need your business. 2. Want to come in the door. ⠀

Before running a campaign, place yourself in your customers shoes. ⠀

- Who are they?⠀
- What problems do they have?⠀
- What solution do YOU have?⠀
- What differentiates you from everyone else? ⠀
- What are you offering that entices them to take action? ⠀

For example, two dentists might be running the same promotional offer - discounted check-up or teeth cleaning - something like that. ⠀

But dentist A who splits up their target audiences and creates ads designed for each of their demographic and psychographic needs will ALWAYS get better results than dentist B who puts up a facebook post and hits the Boost button. ⠀

Become your target market and think "what would this business have to say to get me listening?" ⠀

You can save so much of your businesses hard-earned money and get real results when you do this. ⠀

Understand. Design. Execute. Repeat.⠀

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