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How to bring in more business and retain clients in a sustainable manner.

Online marketing has so many tools you can use to bring in new business and keep them as your clients for life. Using creative targeting and retargeting campaigns (like we've discussed before) can be extremely effective of getting non-clients/customers in the door for the first time. ⠀

However, you'll be amazed at the amount of businesses who will focus on getting someone in the door, and then HOPE they return. If you do a good job, then they probably will - but why leave it to chance? ⠀

Use the different means of online marketing that allow you to stay in touch with your clients/customers and remind them of or entice them of a second visit. SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, Messenger Marketing. It's all out there ready to be utilised. ⠀

But, no matter how much you use these tools, nothing will ever top the quality of service you deliver. That, above all else, is what you should be focusing on. That's why people will come back. The above means are tools to be used to remind people and incentivise them back in, once they've already had a great experience. If you offer a poor service then you might as well not even bother trying to get someone back in, because no matter how great the offer, they'll still remember you as the business that weren't great.⠀

That's what they'll tell their friends, and that's what they'll say online.

What's more effective, a business telling you how great they are or your friends telling you how great a business is? OF COURSE it's the second one. It always will be. We trust our friends word for more than a business's. Give you customers something great to tell their friends.

Want to retain clients? Blow them away on the first visit. ⠀

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