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Graphics and Brand Perception

Great Graphics = Great Brand Perception⠀

When you're on holiday and you're choosing where to eat, do you go for the old, tatty-looking restaurant that clearly needs a paint-job, or do you go for the vibrant, clean, and inviting restaurant? ⠀

Of course, you go for the latter. But why? ⠀

First impressions count. The same goes for your website and your social media channels (and of course the front of your restaurant/business!). ⠀

You have less than a second to show someone you mean business with your social media. If you have poor, pixelated images that aren't optimised for each social platform, then you're going to immediately deter someone from showing more interest. ⠀

However, if you clearly put effort into making your social media look nice with great, clear images, then you're saying "hey there, potential customer, we put a lot of effort into making sure our social media looks good. Imagine how much effort we put into our service!". ⠀

No one thinks "oh, they have great social media, but they must do a terrible job." but they WILL think "their social media isn't great, I'm not sure how good they'll be". ⠀

Your social media is your virtual store front. Make it look nice. Invite people in. ⠀

Good social media = good expected experience. ⠀
Bad social media = unsure/poor expected experience. ⠀


May 31, 2019

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