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Invest in Your Social Media Part #2⠀⠀

To continue on from our previous post...⠀

Investing your time and money into social media doesn't have to be countless hours every day. Here's how to make social media feel like less of a burden:

Set aside a time each day or week where you plan your content and you have it automatically rolled out. There is 100% good reason to keep posting content daily about what's going on and what news you have, but it's time consuming to do that every single day. But you want to stay posting right? Well, by scheduling content on sites like Buffer or Hootsuite, you can rest easy knowing that even when you're having a busy day or you don't have something special that day to post, you have content being rolled out still.

Don't expect your presence to increase immediately. Let's try to manage our expectations. Social media is a long-term investment. Yes, it can have short-term revenue rewards, but for businesses of all sizes, social media is not just building your engagement or following, it's about building your brand and its presence both online and offline. ⠀

Over time, people will see your content and you'll become better know for what you do and your brand awareness will increase. Anyone can run a giveaway or a competition online for some short-term reward, but as it states, that's short-term. It's not sustainable. ⠀

What is sustainable is posting consistent content about your business, what it offers, what it's doing on a daily basis, and what it cares about. That's how you build a brand persona, image and story.

Focus on that. ⠀

If you're struggling with this, get in contact and we'll be more than happy to help.⠀

May 31, 2019

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