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Why You Need to Add Video to Your Sales Funnel Now

Videos aren’t just limited to marketing or company training.  It can be a sales tool that can drive more conversions and purchases.  With countless videos on the Internet, people have begun to consume information this way in far greater numbers than text.

Videos are widely used for marketing and advertising purposes because they can reach people quickly on an emotional level.  They are visually entertaining, and they can convert leads fast.  However, companies massively underuse them.  A video on a landing page can boost conversion rates by 80%.

Videos have indeed come a long way.  95% of Internet users have watched explainer video to understand a product or service.  This makes videos an effective and useful tool for sales and marketing.

Increasing Engagement and Conversion with Video Marketing

With the correct pack of tools, you can efficiently fill the top of your sales funnel with prospects that can turn into actual clients.  Videos are one of these efficient and effective tools.  When used in marketing, they can return the highest ROI.  Not surprisingly, marketers use it heavily to boost their campaign.

The power of video marketing is enhanced daily.  Companies that fail to use this are missing out on a big opportunity to engage with their target audience.  Online videos will account for 80% of traffic by 2020.  Businesses need to take advantage of this trend and use their videos boost to their organic reach.  They are instrumental in forming loyal followers, solid relationships, and engaged customers in every step of your sales funnel.

Facebook has been rated as the most impactful when it comes to video marketing, and videos that last for up to 2 minutes are the ones that get the most number of engagements.  Videos receive up to 135% more searches than Facebook photos.

How Video Marketing Works at Different Stages of the Sales Funnel

Here’s how videos work in different stages of the sales funnel.

•    Awareness

In this stage, your target audience has a problem, and you can provide the solution.  However, you are not aware of each other yet.  Videos can be used to connect with your target audience.  You can take up the opportunity to create videos that will appear in targeted searches and Facebook ads to tell about your brand.

•    Consideration

In this phase, people are aware of the problems, and they are looking for possible solutions.  A video will help them with the decision process.  Videos are useful for transmitting information in a short period.  They are highly beneficial for the intended audience, and they are a preferred medium for consumption, which is not surprising because online users are quite lazy and have a short attention span.  Videos tend to catch their attention and sustain it.

•    Decision – Conversion

This is the conversion stage for potential customers.  At this point, they have done their research, read feedbacks, and ready to sign up.  Videos will be an efficient tool for pushing them to conversion.  Videos give your viewers an inside look and the products and services you offer.  Emotion is a huge factor in decision making.  You need to place videos at the end of the funnel to reach out to people and touch them on an emotional level

How to Optimise Your Videos for Marketing

Videos are effective, persuasive, and quite engaging.  They can move people along the sales funnel quickly.  You only need to provide the right content to set them up.  Sales videos are blurred with marketing videos, but they both serve distinct functions.  However, you need to understand these functions before you create them.

Videos designed for marketing funnels are meant to generate awareness for your brand, products, and services.  Sales videos are designed to entice leads to purchase.  Of course, there is some overlap in the awareness stage; however, they build awareness in different ways.

Marketing builds awareness by promoting products and services at high levels.  Sales build awareness through one-on-one communication.

There are three kinds of videos that should be created for each sales funnel stage.

•    Top funnel awareness stage.  These are the videos that generate leads.  They function as a personal communication from the seller to the buyer. Create something to inform, tell your story, entice people in to learn more without pushing anything too heavy on them. Show off what you do best and be sure to use your people that your audience will recognise later on! This is where you're the entertainer. The magician with something in the palm of his hand that you just have to know more about.

•    Mid funnel evaluation stage.  Videos created for this stage are designed to help leads come to a decision to purchase.  The target audience must feel that their decision is valid. Create something that sets you apart. Show off your product/services benefits and features and highlight how it will improve their lives or alleviate pain. Show happy customers and prospects feel like they're missing out by not engaging with you.

•    Bottom funnel conversion stage.  These videos address the final concerns of the target buyer and give them that final push towards purchasing. This is where we go in for the close. Use customer testimonial videos, show off influencer/celebrity endorsements and highlight scarcity if you're running a limited offer. If you've dealt with the common objections in the previous steps, you should be in a position where you can give them a call to action (CTA) and point them in the right direction to follow through.

Whether you’re a small business, a B2B company, a consumer-facing business, videos can be a powerful tool to help drive sales for your business.  When you include videos in your sales funnel, you will be able to persuade potential buyers at each stage to consider your brand.  You can get them to purchase your products or avail of your services.

November 12, 2019

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