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Why content is one of the most important aspects of your social media presence.

Social media has proven itself time and time again to get more views, engagement, and ultimately conversions into customers than any other type of traditional media.

That makes sense right? Can you actively say that you like an advert or post to a tv station or radio station? Or can you click on your tv or radio ad to learn more about it or buy a product or redeem an offer? I've said enough, you get the idea.

And what gets you more views and engagement? The right content. Content that makes your customers want to engage with you and your brand. ⠀

Specifically, with restaurants, I focus on content that makes potential customers eat their food online. ⠀

How do I do this? ⠀

By focusing on the smells and taste and atmosphere. Sharing and emphasising the consumer experience and making anyone watching or viewing DESPERATE for that mouth-watering, drool-worthy food that is at their fingertips but physically out of reach. ⠀

This is how you "sell" online without putting crazy ad-spend behind a complex and confusing campaign. ⠀

Yes, great deals will get people in the door and the right ad-spend campaigns can be extremely effective at doing this. ⠀

But frequent, engaging, and enticing content, that understands its audience and their needs, will always be effective for your business. Don't underestimate it. ⠀

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