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We build custom sales and lead-generation funnels that brings your target audience from a non-consumer to a consumer or a lead. With a fully branded and informative funnel, you stand out and increase your likelihood of conversions. Attract, inform, and take action on people actively looking for your business, without the distractions of a traditional website.

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Funnel Design & Build

What is a funnel? Think of it as a set of landing pages that is specifically designed to convert your audience from a potential customer to a sale or a lead.

Sales Funnels: This is ideal for when you're selling a once-off product or service, such as events, books, or even products that aren't necessarily designed for building a brand. They can be used for branded products, but we just don't find it works as well. But back to the point - a sales funnels removes all distractions that a website might have, such as navigation bars, side-columns with similar products, or links to other pages. Your funnel is made to keep your audience on the right path i.e. towards a sale. A lot of the time, they follow a similar structure to this: 

Information Page > Sales Page > Thank You Page.

Information Page: This is where you get to really show off what you're all about. You'll feature what your product does, how it benefits the customer, why they need it in their lives, and what pain points it solves. It's also a great place to include testimonials or reviews from other happy customers to help your potential sale feel confident in their purchasing decision. It's always good to split test, but we find it best to not push for the sale (i.e. entering information) on this page. We want to weed out the tyre kickers and focus on the action takers. For this reason, usually you have Call To Action (CTA) buttons strategically positioned through the page to incentivise the sale - maybe emphasising scarcity or offering a deal they can't refuse.

Sales Page: So we've weeded out the tyre kickers and we have action-takers on our sales page. Of course, not everyone will make the sale but we can use this data for future remarketing strategies - for example, we'll use different ads to target people who dropped off on the Information Page than we do for the people who drop off on the Sales Page. But let's keep on track. The Sales Page is where your potential customers enter their information and part with their money and you get paid. Like the Information Page, we shred the page to have no distractions. We're making sure the customer is focused on the sale. You can include some more emotional grabs here but we tend to limit it.

Thank You Page: Awesome, so we've made the sale and our customer is now awaiting their order and we're probably firing them a confirmation and welcome email. Woohoo! The Thank You Page is simply a page that they see next where they can be redirected to follow your social media profiles, sign-up to an email list, or learn more information on how to get started with using your product. From here, it's up to you to take care of your customer and do everything you can to nurture them to increase their Life Time Value (LTV) to your business.

Okay, so that's sales! But there are 2 other key elements I haven't talked about up-sells and down-sells. All you need to know here, is that if a potential customers decides to go to your sales page to buy, you can offer them an addition to their basket on an Up-Sell Page. For example, if they're buying a Dog Collar for €12, you can offer them a Dog Bed for €30. If they decide to take it you've taken an order value from €12 to €42! (Woohoo!), if they don't take it, they still continue with their €12 purchase (still a win!). You can do this multiple times but just be careful you're not over-doing it and lose the sale altogether. But what about a Down-Sell Page? Let's say you have someone land on your Information Page or Sales Page, and maybe they've decided they aren't interested. Just as they go to exit the web-page, you can show them an amazing offer to try re-gain their sale. For example, if you're selling your €12 Dog Collar and they go to exit, you could show a pop-up offering them 2 Dog Collars for €12. This could recapture them and seal the sale! Of course, they can go through your up-sell pages too.

Phew, okay well that's Sales Funnels! And if I'm honest, Lead Generation Funnels don't differ in too many ways. They usually follow this format: 

Information Page > Lead Capture Page > Book A Call/Appointment/Meeting > Thank You

There's no need to go through everything again, all you really need to know is that instead of making a sale, you're simply collecting Lead Info on the Lead Capture Page, and giving the option for the Leads to book themselves in on the Book A Call page. Once they've done this, they can be automatically placed into your CRM and you're away!

So that's Funnels in a nut-shell. Obviously, we can't go through everything on this page but if you'd like any more info, hit the button below and we'll we happy to help out and answer any questions!

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