Chatbot Integration

We'll build a bespoke chatbot for your Facebook Page and Website that stimulates conversation with your customers, while acting as a 24/7 customer services and sales representative. This is ideal for answering repetitive inquiries and nurturing leads, while allowing your staff to focus on other and more important tasks.

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Chatbot Integration

So, 'what exactly are chatbots?' I hear you ask - well, I guess that depends on what type of chatbots you're looking for, but as a whole, chatbots are automated responses that are stimulated by user input. Some chatbots use Artificial Intelligence (AI) whereby they learn throughout the conversation and give unique and personalise responses based on the user input. Other types of chatbots work off decision trees, whereby the responses are predetermined and are triggered either by chatbot sequences or keywords.

We build the latter for our clients. They're perfect for handling those customers who message you at 2am in the morning asking "When do you open?", even though your information is fully available on Google and on your Facebook page. Not only that, but they handle a whole rake of other inquiries too - such as parking information, menu items, contact information - all the things you're fed up of answering on a daily basis!

But that's not where their benefit stops - they can do amazing things like take bookings, sell products, and collect lead information. This information can go straight to your CRM and begin the process of turning that potential customer into parting with their money. Of course, that's just for lead information. For selling products, you can integrate dynamic product searches so your customers can browse your site, sales, and collections right within your messenger chat.

Additionally, you can create Subscriber Lists from the people who interact with your chatbot, whereby you can send broadcast messages to everyone subscribed with news, updates, and promotional offers. If you're wondering if this is GDPR compliant, we make sure our chatbots are by asking users directly if they'd like to sign-up. These lists are great for when running competitions and informing everyone when you announce the winner!

Finally, when you compare this type of Messenger Marketing to Email Marketing, the open rates are 95% vs <25% respectively. It's a fantastic opportunity to build up lists of loyal customers and get directly in front of your target audience.

If you'd like to learn more about how they work and how they might benefit your business, we'd love to walk you through how we develop them and explore potential marketing ideas.

We're still VERY early into the messenger marketing era, and those who begin now will reap the benefits.

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