Brand Growth and Development

We grow your following across your social media channels and put your brand in front of the right people and give them the right reason to engage with your content. We've built a combined network of over 15,000,000 followers and managed over 100,000,000 for our clients. This is simple for us. We know the best strategies and ad campaigns to increase your online clout and build an engaged and loyal following for your business.

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Brand Growth and Development

So, you're probably here if you feel like your brand isn't as well known as it should be. You've a great product and/or service but your target audience isn't as well informed as you'd like it to be.

Brand growth and development can be tricky. How do you get in front of the right people? And then once you're there, how do you stay in front of the right people? In the past, businesses used to put up a billboard, run a spread in a newspaper, and hand out fliers. That's because the average person's attention wasn't caught up in hand-held devices, and were far more likely to pick up a newspaper, investigate a flier, or notice a billboard. While these mediums can still be used, the average consumers' attention span is far shorter and it's important that you get in front of them, where their attention is i.e. their mobile phone.

So now we know where their attention is, how do we get in front of them? There are several ways to go about this; you can run paid ads such as Facebook and Google and use targeting options to reach your desired audience, you can use free forms such as posting on social media regularly and encourage organic interaction with your audience, and you can use influencer marketing and leverage popular personas' relationship with their audience to push your brand message. These are just some examples, but they're considered the most popular and manageable from a businesses stand-point.

But just choosing one of these avenues or a combination of 2 or 3 isn't just that easy. How do we leverage each platform/method to harness the most influence and actual meet our marketing goals (in this case, brand growth and development). If we really want to do a good job here, we need to set out a strategy, which involves creating the right content for respective audiences (cold & warm audiences), choosing the correct platforms, and setting up our campaigns so that they're repeatedly hit with your brand message.

We'd definitely recommend trying some of the free methods, but if you find you need someone with the right experience to implement a kick-ass campaign, let's have a chat and set up some realistic goals based on your budget.

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