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How To Stay Relevant

A clever way to stay at the front of your customers' mind.


Never before has there been such an amazing opportunity for businesses (including small to medium businesses!) to get in front of their target market's mind and stay there. ⠀

Retargeting is a powerful thing, and shouldn't be overlooked. Once you get in front of someone that matters, you can get back in front of them. ⠀

Let's look at one of the simplest ways of doing this, that most businesses will miss. The Facebook Pixel. This is something you put on your website, and no, it's not the Facebook Like widget that links to your Facebook page. ⠀

The Facebook Pixel is a small bit of code that Facebook gives you that you install on your website, and it allows you to put ads in front of people who have ALREADY visited your website. ⠀

That's like having someone walk into your shop, having a look and not buying anything, and then seeing a billboard designed ONLY for them (because they've been in the shop). ⠀

Why is this beneficial? Well there are a few reasons:⠀

1. You save money because you're only paying to advertise to people who have already shown an interest in your business. ⠀
2. You get them back in to complete a purchase or redeem an offer. ⠀
3. You've done something right to get their attention, and now you can stay are their forefront of their mind through retargeting. ⠀

As well as this, there are a whole rake of other creative retargeting campaigns you can run (some more effective than what I went through above).⠀

If you don't know how to install your Facebook pixel to you site, just shoot us a message or leave a comment below and we'll show you how to do it! ⠀

Remember, most businesses don't do this! Gain your competitive advantage and blow them out of the water. ⠀

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