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Become Closer to Your Social Media Followers

You're giving away customers if you don't have a website. ⠀

I've recently seen quite a few businesses who are active on social media, but they don't have a website. Social media is one of the best ways to connect, engage, and market to your audience, but it's not always enough. ⠀

People want to see what you're about and dig deeper into what they can expect from your business. This is where a website comes in. Here, you can explain in great detail what to expect, show glowing reviews, and really sell your product in a much greater detail than social media allows. ⠀

Example: One of our clients set up his website 6 weeks ago. Since then, he has ONLY been active on social media. He has gained 30 clients. 16 from social media inquiries, and 14 organically from his website. ⠀

These people have come from social media to the website to learn more. If he didn't have a website for this to happen, they likely wouldn't have been signed up with him now. ⠀

Lesson: Have a website that's fully functioning and looks professional. Yes, it can be a big initial cost, but you can't afford to not have it. ⠀

Side Note: If you don't have a website then you don't have website traffic that you can retarget with Facebook ads!⠀

May 31, 2019

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