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Case Study: $5k to $50k (per month)

"Despite the COVID crisis, we were still able to drive a high volume of purchases efficiently"

When the world shuts down, you can still scale up.

We started working with a meal prep/home delivery company in December of 2019, having consulted with them for a few months prior. The goal for them was to increase their sales online while building their brand to their serviceable zone.

Having discussed the different aspects of the clients business, including their margins, service/value propositions, and customer buying journey, we identified where we could implement key changes to improve the success of organic traffic and paid advertising traffic.

How did we help?

Key Elements of Success

There are a lot of different KPI's and aspects to the success of paid advertising campaigns, but here are two of the main areas we changed for success.


We directed them on the type of content they should produce to reach their audience initially and increase conversions along their marketing funnel.


We set up their campaigns so that their audience saw different ads at different stages of their buying journey, with highly effective retargeting.

As with all our clients campaigns, we sit down and plan out how we're going to turn strangers into customers in the most effective way possible. Each industry is different, and some require different touch points and qualifying depending on the industry and level of involvement in the purchasing decision.

With this case, there is not a high level of involvement in the decision. We knew that our client was simply providing a solution to a pain point. The pain point here is for busy people who don't have time to cook at home but also want a healthy option that's convenient.

Our client delivers healthy home meals that the customer simple orders online, with the option for ordering for an entire week. Our job was to find those people and put relevant ads in front of them. We wanted to set up the campaign so that it reached new audiences while working on converting audiences who had already either purchased from our client in the past, or had shown some level of interest (engaging with the page, visiting the website, adding to cart etc.)

Basic Sales/Marketing Funnel Layout

So this is what a typical funnel looks like for paid ads. You have cold audiences at the top (the people who may have never seen your business or offering before) and the hot audience at the bottom (the people who are ready to purchase or have already purchased).

How do you turn a cold audience into a hot audience? Well that's like asking how do you turn a stranger into a customer. Building trust and reminding them of what you do at the right points.

Moving down the funnel, you have to target different audiences.

As we move down the funnel, we want to separate our audiences so that we can direct specific content to them while also seeing which audiences are converting well and which are not.

At the top of the funnel, our goal is to spark interest amongst the cold audience, so much so that they either visit the website, engage via messenger (chatbot) or with the ad itself. In doing this, they now move to the warm audience section.

At the warm audience stage (middle of funnel), we now want to target these people as they are more likely to become a customer than the cold audience. We used further incentives and creatives to get back in front of them.

At the hot audience stage (bottom of funnel), these are the people who have already purchased and are likely to be repeat purchasers. We also consulted our client with small changes to their services to help them build a better loyalty and connect with their customers personally, using things such as small personalised notes with orders.

Lastly, and throughout our campaign strategy, we identified winning creatives and audiences and optimised our campaigns to focus on growing sales from there. For the audiences we could see were performing well, we used Lookalike Audiences which essentially duplicated the audience and expands it to find more of the same purchasers within Facebook and Instagram.

With these strategies in place, this is how our client's ads performed over 5 months (each row is a month for mobile viewers).

As you can see, despite the potential economic hardship that COVID threw at us and our client, we were still able to maintain effective campaigns and great sales numbers.

Going forward we'll be continuing to work with our client to reach new audiences, increase repeat purchases, and grow sales overall.

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