Some quotes from our happy clients!

“Working with James and the Social Enviro team has been a pleasure! Their attention to detail as well as their professionalism, and speed of implementation are why they are my go to for any graphic design needs.”

Adrian Balakumar - Wonghaus

"James & the Social Enviro team were incredible to work with! They're very friendly, accessible, and reliable - completely handling my entire social media presence. Thanks to them and the quality of their work, I was comfortably able to devote my full focus to other aspects of my business."

Joel Padron - Royal Jewelry

"Make sure to hit up for your graphic design needs! He completed a great looking pitch deck for me super quickly!

Zachary Dempsey - Slogan Social

"Recently set up my online training and nutrition coaching service and to say that I wouldn't have been able to do it without James and Social Enviro's help would be a massive understatement!  James is an absolute pleasure to work with. He really went above and beyond to help me out and anything I ever asked of him was done with extraordinary professionalism and speed, which made my life so much easier as you can imagine setting up.  James literally took care of all the nitty gritty stressful stuff for me and put my mind at ease massively. James designed an amazing website for me that has already got me so many leads with clients, The design and features are insane!  I'm looking forward to continuing with James in the new year working on some advertising campaigns that he has some awesome ideas in place for.  Couldn't speak more highly of James and Social Enviro. If you want a world class job done, there is simply no place else to go. :)"

Kevin, Influence Fitness and Nutrition

"Huge thanks to Social Enviro for helping run my accounts. This year has been my busiest yet with the help of Social Enviro, and I was able to enjoy Christmas without feeling overwhelmed with work. Great work and very trustworthy. Highly recommend checking them out."

Brandon Mimms - Northern 8 Group

Case Study

Online Nutritionist

Stage 1: Consultation

So for this client we sat down for about 60 minutes and went through what they've done before, what they're trying now and a few other bits and pieces that help us understand where they were at and where they wanted to be. This is hugely important for us because it really allows us to form a deeper connection with our client and their business. Here, we start to agree on some goals and discuss the various types of strategies we may put in place to achieve those goals.

Stage 2: Set-Up

Once we agree on how we'll go about increasing their presence and business, we then begin setting up our clients campaign. This could be a various number of things, but in this case, we set up two separate types of marketing funnels. One was a landing page, and the other was a messenger chatbot sequence. Having conducted the necessary audience research, we then designed advert creatives and copies that we believed had a high chance of resonation. The final part of the set-up is designing the advertising for the respective optimisations - for example, the messenger chatbot sequence funnel was optimised to bring in the most messages possible.

Stage 3: Testing and Scale

Once we activated the campaign, we began testing a whole series of different variables to test what works, what isn't, what we can optimise further and what we can scale. This sounds like it's a once off, but we are consistently analysing our clients campaigns, ad sets and ads to ensure we are doing everything possible to get them the best results. As time went on, we began receiving feedback in the form of advertising and campaign insights.

Stage 4: Implementing Feedback

One thing we noticed from the offset, was that we were getting a lot of messages but landing page views we lower than anticipated. Although we had done research into the audience, it was still too broad. We then divided down the audience further and deepened our messages and targeting. This did the trick and the views and results increased dramatically.

Stage 5: Retargeting

Once we had been able to optimise the initial campaign, we then moved to begin our retargeting sequence, where we would place engaging and relevant ads back in front of people who had either previously engaged with our content or viewed our landing page/website. The best result to come of this was that one lead turned into a conversion for just €0.19 (nineteen cent), which turns out to be roughly 1000% return on that ad-spend. But that's not something we expected to continue, but it highlighted very well the effectiveness retargeting can have.

We're into our Third month with this client on the back of this campaign now.

Leads Created