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Who Are We?

James Kelly - Founder

Hey, I'm James! I'm the proud owner of Social Enviro. My job is helping businesses grow and I absolutely love it. While they focus on their passion, I help them achieve numbers they thought would be impossible when starting out.

My background? I started off building social accounts and grew my network to 14 accounts totalling 6.5M followers within the first 2 years while working on campaigns for, Simply Be, Pretty Little Thing (and tonnes more) by delivering millions of impressions each day.

During all this I went to University College Cork for 4 years and graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Commerce, majoring in Marketing.

Next, I partnered with a fellow influencer and we started managing other influencers' large accounts for them. In just 12 months we built a team of 45 people managing accounts totalling over 150M followers before exiting.

Now, I'm continuing to work with businesses across different industries to grow and manage their paid advertising, while building websites and delivering killer content. I'm always happy to speak with new people and find out how we can help, so don't be shy and get in touch!

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